My sincere gratitude to you for taking time to learn about Trusted Teams. Who am I? The title on my card says “Curator of Teams”, but at the core, I am a dynamic, caring and passionate woman on a mission. A mission to elevate the consciousness of as many teams as I can about this intangible entity called “Trust”. In nearly 20 years of observing, partaking, analyzing and serving businesses, what has become clearly evident to me is that “Trust” is an invisible currency that is so essential to the functioning of any organization. Each day, it flows between our interactions with team members, clients and partners. We receive it and give it away with little thought and no true acknowledgment of its importance. The only time we take a moment to stop and express how much we value it, is when it is missing. “Trust” is expected to be everywhere and only acknowledged when it is nowhere? I am on a mission to break that cycle and help you bring “Trust” to the forefront of your company’s interactions. Each experience I have with an organization, I am humbled by the immense power of “Trust” to break a company down or build it up to reach new heights. Let me share all I have learned with you about “Trust”. Let us engage in a conversation and create sustainable solutions to realizing, retaining and rebuilding “Trust” in your organization today.

Background Details

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by my Nigerian parents. I am an alumna of University of Rochester and State University of NY at Buffalo. I started my career as an IT Coaching professional and made the transition to Management Consulting in 2001, after completing an Organizational Development & Coaching Professional Certificate Program at George Mason University. Launched my boutique management consulting firm, One Vision Inc., in June of 2001 and rebranded the firm to Trusted Teams in 2012.

Engaging and serving workplaces around the world, by unleashing the full potential of their people through inspiring and impactful consulting, coaching and learning.

Our Values


We communicate honestly and honor our promises.


We do what we love and we love what we do.


We strive for win-win solutions in all our interactions.


We consistently build our knowledge base and are intentional in learning from every experience.