• Spice Up Lunch and Talk Trust

The best way to begin to develop a culture of trust at your organization is to talk about it. Spice up your lunch hour by hosting “Trust Talks.” Encourage employees to eat lunch in, one day a month, so you can talk about work challenges and how enhancing trust can begin to resolve these challenges. We have discovered that when organizations deal with this intangible entity in tangible ways, like in conversations, they develop and enhance trust faster.

List of transforming questions you can pose to employees at your next “Trust Talk”:

  1. How would you describe our climate of trust in this department or organization?
  2. How would you describe your trust personality?
           A) I initially trust a person, until they prove themselves untrustworthy
           B) A person must prove their trustworthiness, before I trust them
  3. What are some key actions that someone must take for you to stop trusting them?
  4. What are some key actions that the organization must take for you to stop trusting them?
  5. How do you rebuild trust in your work relationships?

If you feel more comfortable with us facilitating a “Trust Talk” at your organization, feel free to contact us:
954-889-1430 or connect@trustedteams.com.