Take a moment, reflect on your present team situation, and complete this 5-question Trust survey. Once completed, click “Guide” button and receive instant guidance on what your next step should be for developing your team on the foundation of trust.

1) Select the best analogy that best describes your present climate:

  • a) a moderate tempered fall day with no amazing scenery yet

  • b) A bright sunny spring day with flowers blooming and birds chirping

  • c) A cold day, with snow on the ground and a “below freezing” windshield

2) In the last 5 years what percentage of initiatives have you started and completed as intended:

  • a) more than 35%, but less than 70%

  • b) 70% or more

  • c) 35% or less

3) The best statement to describe the communication flow within your team or organization:

  • a) “We have isolated communication and it does not flow at times as we would like”

  • b) “Our communication flows from the top to the bottom and also across as it should”

  • c) “The communication flow is stunted, and when it finally comes through, there are gaps”

4) How aligned is your company technology with operational processes?

  • a) “We don't really have well-defined processes, so I guess it is not aligned with our technology”

  • b) We have well-defined processes, which for most part are aligned with our technology

  • c) “We need work in this area, sometimes the technology makes the employees job harder”

    5) The best two words to describe leadership in your organization:

  • a) Formal and Polite

  • b) Engaging and Inspirational

  • c) Competitive and Business-Focused